Why North Star Masonic Lodge?

Masonic Lodges are filled with honest, decent brothers. Some lodges are bigger, some smaller. Some are more welcoming to new men. And of course some less so.

North Star is on the smaller side as it comes to size. Our brothers are very welcoming to newcomers. There is a special warmth in our Lodge. Just watch our brothers interact — they clearly love each other. We range in age from 18 to 80. We are all varieties of ethnicity, race, and religion. These gents are like the family you get to choose.

It’s not quick to join North Star. Visit us. Break bread with us. Get to know us. It may take a few months to a year before you have your petition voted on. By that time you know us, and we really know you. No hurry, being a Mason is for a lifetime.

We have a small motto which comes from Shakespeare. “We few we happy few, we band of brothers.” Henry V, in Act IV. Look it up it’s quite a story.

So come visit and let us help you begin your Masonic journey.